04 August 2014

Quickly adding bloom to Unity

Recently I wanted to add bloom to a personal project I'm working on. In the Image Effects (Pro Only) package that you can import directly via the editor you have exactly what I wanted, a simple bloom effect. Attach it to the camera and boom you have bloom.

Sad thing though is that the compiler spits out a bunch of warnings when you import that package, clearly it's been a while since the package has seen some love from the Unity developers. I can understand that their priorities lie elsewhere.
Obviously I code in C# and I wanted to add the bloom effect on the main camera and change its public values via code. Since the effect was written in unityscript this was not possible.

So I spent some time converting it to C#, you can download it here if you want to use it. I did not clean the code or anything, just made sure it worked like it did before and that the compiler was completely happy with it.


Keannu Zeigfeld Atilano said...

Hi sir , i'm having troubles on how to use the script . can you please help me ?

Alex Vanden Abeele said...

You can just import the unitypackage into your project. Select a camera and then you select it in the menu 'Component->Image Effects->Bloom'

This will add the component with the correct shader on the selected camera.

Make sure that you don't have another class called "Bloom" or you won't be able to compile.