07 January 2018

Home Poker Tournament Manager

Again I participated in the Finally Finish Something Jam, as I did last year with Hopper.

This year I re-made the pokerroom home game organizer, which was a very nice and beautiful program to host a poker tournament at home with. The visuals where nice, the setup was easy. This is how it looked:

It had only two flaws: it was made in Flash and it only worked on a 800x600 screen resolution. I did use it for years however, every time setting my screen resolution to 800x600 during the tournament. Annoying if you had to do anything else on the pc in the meantime.

Last summer I decided to start on a remake with Unity, and today I finished it, kicked in the butt by the Finally Finish Something Jam 2018.

This time I made the UI with the Kenney Game Assets, a very nice comprehensive library of game assets, the backgrounds I just googled, the same for the sounds.

So with a little bit of pride I announce the Home Poker Tournament Manager, let me know what you think!

HPTM in action:

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